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This is great, and I won’t stop saying it. And I also have the true, concrete example of it saving me a lot of time because I found 3 ideas in 4 days, and I actually worked a lot on one of the ideas. I think adding these new features is great and is improving it. You are going far beyond and it's looking great!

When you have these qualitative signals that you can combine to see what would fit those criteria, essentially the ideas you get recommended, to me that's amazing. Just the fact that I can combine the signals I care about, and then get names—that's a big part of your research process, to get ideas into your funnel quickly.

A whole new way to generate ideas. Your tool gives more power to people like me who have ideas and want to combine them for unique ways to look at companies. I really like what you're doing. I think this is huge potentially.

What stands out to me and makes the product interesting is the combination of a lot of signals that take a lot of work to pick up on, like if you're ramping coverage on a company and you have to learn a lot—there's a lot of signals that I would have to take a LOT of time to find as an analyst, SixAI spits out immediately, and then the combination of those signals together takes me from an archetype of what a good investment idea on the short side would be, to here's an ACTUAL good idea. I think that's super valuable.

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